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Age in Place Consultation

Live in Place Designs starts with an initial phone consultation. During your free consultation, our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists assess your current needs and recommends services..

Home Safety & Accessibility Assessment

This assessment identifies what to consider modifying in your home for your safety, medical situation, and specific needs. We’ll review the assessment with you so that you can move forward to improve quality of life in your home.

Live in Place Plan

Get the complete care you need at home with our comprehensive Planning and Consultation service. The final plan provides a customized roadmap for taking the steps to live in place. (Includes the Assessment.)

Home Remodeling – Design for the Elderly or Disabled

Based on our assessment and your budget, we’ll create the design elements for a bid ready plan to renovate your home for your specific needs. Remodeling projects often include a handicap bathroom, a zero entry shower.

Home & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Dacono Colorado

Our Approach

Remodeling a home for someone with a disability involves more than just the construction.

We will not try to sell you on a home improvement project without giving full consideration to any existing medical conditions and how they might impact current and future requirements for someone to remain safely in their living space.

We are Certified Aging in Place Specialists, with years of experience providing care and exceptional customer service to the elderly and disabled. Our specialists provide design services as general contractors to make your new home more appealing, increase your own home’s resale value, and ensure your satisfaction with the end result.

Our design team uses the highest quality materials and quality craftsmanship practices to create accessible and safe home modifications for the elderly and disabled. Our project managers the importance of finishing an excellent job in a timely manner so someone returning from an acute care hospital can have easy access to their new home by the completion date.

We like to think of the design consultation as a collaboration, and our professionals want your input to fully understand what is needed for you or a loved one to continue living as independently as possible. Whether you live in Dacono Colorado, Longmont CO., Boulder CO., Broomfield CO.,or the surrounding area, we are happy to assist you.

Thrive in 5 easy steps

Eliminate the worry and emergency calls when you modify your home or your loved one’s home to make it safe for them to live there.

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    Our certified Aging-In-Place Specialists conduct an intake of your health and mobility, plus an assessment of your home space to provide recommendations for your home remodeling needs.
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    We customize renovation projects to take special needs into account.
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    We make sure you understand your options for different parts of your home so you love the end product.
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    Our Local General Contracting Specialists in the state of Colorado perform all the home modifications, so you won’t have to worry about finding subcontractors.
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    At the end of the day, you or your loved one can live the most independent life possible with our accessible remodeling and high-quality work.
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Homeowners can make home modifications for the elderly and disabled. Our affordable prices, durable materials, and exceptional workmanship keep your entire family safe and comfortable. Our disability remodeling specialists rely on specific knowledge about disabilities to guide their recommendations and use the finest materials in the construction industry.

Common home renovations for the elderly and disabled include fixing uneven floor surfaces, installing wheelchair ramps to the patio and the front door, and improving lighting in dim areas like the hallway.


Bathroom modifications for disabled can include replacing a tub or full bath with a new shower, adding grab bars and handrails, installing a handicap toilet aid, redesigning space for wheelchair accessibility, increasing vanity space, installing a new mirror or faucet, and installing non-slip bathroom tile floors. Our bathroom remodeling contractors specialize in handicap bathroom remodeling projects to help you navigate the entire process, provide excellent customer service, and ensure you’ll love the finished product.


While bathroom renovations are the most common type of home improvement project among seniors and individuals with disabilities, kitchen modifications for accessibility are a common second project. Kitchen renovations for accessibility make cooking more enjoyable.

Common CO kitchen renovations include making granite counter tops, cabinetry, lighting, appliances, and stoves more accessible, and installing non-slip tile floors to create an accessible kitchen design. Our full-service specialists can help you design your next project at a fair price.


Our in-home consultation identifies areas of concern within the home. Whether you need new tile, an accessible front door, ceiling or roof renovations, or plumbing and electrical work, our design team will walk you through any necessary home renovations.

Solutions for Home Safety & Accessibility

Local Home Remodeling Contractors in Dacono Colorado.

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Thresholds, ramps and flooring
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mobility, and carpets
Wheelchair Accessibility

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Handicap Remodeling Contractors in Dacono Colorado

Disability Remodeling Projects

It’s important to perform a home assessment to understand how seniors or individuals with disabilities use his or her environment within the home. The types of home modifications for the elderly and disabled can differ widely depending on their specific disabilities, special needs, or situation requirements.

While seniors can weigh the options of a home remodel against moving to an assisted living facility or apartment, disabled individuals of all ages may want to remodel or purchase an older house. The renovation costs for this type of home may prove less expensive for an individual who intends to remain in the home for years to come, and our quality of work ensures top-notch home renovations at the best price. We can provide a free estimate for a kitchen remodel, new bathroom, or laundry room renovations.

Your Location Matters—If your house is located someplace with a high number of handicapped or older people, such as near a good veteran’s hospital serving disabled veterans or within an area of the country where people want to retire, or even within an existing 55 Plus retirement communities, you might see more resale value from your next home project.

Handicap Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Colorado

When an individual is discharged from an acute care clinic or hospital, their living space often needs renovations to create the accessible design and functionality features needed for the individual to safely remain in their living space. Whether you or your loved one needs a new floor, new vanity, new cabinets, window replacements, or a full bathroom renovation, our specialty contractors and plumbers can help you design your next bathroom project and complete a beautiful job in a timely fashion.

What is the first room where home improvements should be considered?
The master bathroom. Since most accidents happen in the bathroom, getting in and out of the tub, we recommend an accessible bathroom design, including a new shower—preferably a walk-in shower—for individuals with mobility issues.

In addition, toilets must often be raised to get on and off if you’re using a wheelchair. New toilet seat risers are available for this. Grab bars and handrails are also required in several areas in the bathroom remodel to provide safety.