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Aging in Place Kitchen Design: Remodel Your Kitchen

Aging in Place Kitchen Design: Remodel Your Kitchen There’s a reason we call our kitchens the “heart of the home.” It’s where we make forever memories. Watching mom make breakfast every morning. Teaching our little ones to cook for the first time. Gathering generations together for holiday baking. And celebrating every other type of life…

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Modernize Your Home for Your Next Stage of Life

When considering how to modernize your home for your next stage of life, it doesn’t have to be about a medical disability that needs immediate attention. Modern home remodeling for future safety and comfort also doesn’t have to scream, “Senior citizen here!” Instead, like most important life events, these updates to your living space now…

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handicap bathroom

An Essential Guide to Remodeling for a Handicap Bathroom and Walk-in Shower

Home bathrooms are not always built with accessibility in mind. Unfortunately, a handicap bathroom is essential for people who have recently fallen or were diagnosed with a chronic condition that has resulted in any mobility issue.  If you need to redo the bathroom(s) in your home fast for yourself or a family member, the good…

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15 Home Modifications for Stroke Patients

Stroke survivors often experience problems with their walking, coordination, and balance, which can greatly impact their ability to live comfortably and safely in their homes. The clinical implications of a stroke can also increase a person’s risk of falling and getting injured post-attack. There are home modifications for stroke patients that an experienced disability contractor…

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home renovations for my elderly parent

10 Factors to Consider Before Moving Elderly Parents into your Home

Over 90% of people hope to stay in their homes as they age. However, moving elderly parents into your home, may become necessary when circumstances compromise an aging parent‘s ability to function alone. They could be diagnosed with a debilitating illness or suffer a serious accident that limits their ability to care for themselves. Or their…

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Impending Housing Crisis: Seniors at Risk for Homelessness

According to a recent national study, senior homelessness is expected to increase by at least 33 percent in the next ten years, with that amount doubling by 2050. And a significant percentage of seniors that become homeless will be veterans. While homelessness is a well-known issue, few really understand how bad the life experiences are…

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