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Comfortable, Familiar, Safe

Most people have a strong desire to remain in the comfort of their homes. Close to family and friends. In familiar surroundings.

This can feel especially important when confronting challenges. This could be a life-altering injury, diagnosis of an illness, or simply getting older. 

The vast majority of people can live and age in place – with proper planning and modifications of the living space.

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Live in Place Designs - New Jersey Construction and Renovation for Aging in Place

Good, Caring, Giving

We are founded with a commitment to social responsibility. It’s at the core of our business practices.

As a business leader in the construction industry, we strive to set the precedent of how to implement corporate social responsibility. We do this through programs that are good for the community and good for the company. This includes our Give in Place and nonprofit Veterans programs.

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Live in Place Designs provides home renovation and modification contractor services for seniors and the elderly

Living in Place

“Living in Place” refers to the ability to continue living in one’s own home as you age. It requires incorporating universal design principles during the original construction or later modification of their home.

The universal design elements must be accessible, convenient, and usable. They also make the home a pleasure to live in for its primary resident and any other family members who live there. When our living spaces are comfortable, regardless of our age and ability, quality of life automatically improves.

Living in Place means…

  • Remaining in your home and community.
  • Living a full life with quality and independence.
  • Regardless of income, age, or ability level.

Until now, the challenges associated with Aging in Place have been addressed by altering or designing for greater safety, accessibility, and functionality. This is certainly foundational for seniors to stay at home. But it’s only one part of the solution.

For older adults to maintain quality of life with independence and autonomy, so much more needs to be considered.

Our ability to live autonomous lives becomes compromised for older people when:

  • The need for assistance with daily life and everyday activities increases.
  • Accessibility to transportation is less available.
  • Companionship diminishes.
  • And living with purpose becomes elusive.
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Helping you create a holistic, comprehensive solution to remain in your home is our specialty.

Certified Aging in Place Specialists

As Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS), we’re experts in design and modification of new and existing living spaces to create elegant, practical solutions for individuals and families.

We’re the contractors that remodel your home to:

  • Accommodate both existing and future needs.
  • Build an addition to your home or a family member’s home.
  • Or design a new living space using Universal Design principles.

And we take it a step further.

Live in Place Designs offers a comprehensive solution to remaining in your home and community. We provide personalized services. This enables us to meet your individual preferences for independent living.

Aging in place requires forethought for the suitability of the home. It also requires consider access to services as your family circumstances, health care, financial, and household needs evolve.

How are homeowners aging in place? They need home modifications and home renovations.

87 percent of older Americans aged 65 and up want to stay in their current home. (Source: AARP)

We empower you by designing physical environments to proactively support holistic wellness – physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

We bring the solutions for your home and for you.



A Full Range of Living in Place Services

Age in Place Construction and Remodeling

We offer full service design, from smaller renovations to new construction, from living rooms to bathrooms, for people of all ages and abilities.

Our work integrates safety and functionality with comfort and beauty. It draws on our years of direct experience observing people’s needs and how they change over time.

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Live in place designs provides age in place construction for seniors and the disabled

Comprehensive and Holistic Planning for Living Independently

Live in Place Designs redefines Living in Place to include not only living safely and comfortably, but also continuing to live life with purpose, meaning, and growth.

It’s all about empowering you to continue being engaged and autonomous. Being free to make your own choices with independence. And accessing the resources to continue exploring and contributing.

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