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Home Design
for Aging in Place

We understand that changes in your health can be overwhelming when living with a chronic condition or when navigating the aging process.

To keep life rooted in the comfort of home for as long as possible, you need somebody who understands healthcare and home design. That’s where we come in.

Learn more about our unique approach to accessible home design so you and your loved ones can continue living independently.


As a design-bid-build firm with specialized industry knowledge, our accessible home designs are at the intersection of accessibility, style and comfort. We learn about your individual situation and we anticipate your future needs to create designs for long-lasting home modifications. So your home still feels like home.


Aging in Place Design

When you bought your home, you probably didn’t think twice about the height of your doorstep or the threshold in the shower. But home needs change as you age. We utilize aging in place design for homeowners who are already experiencing these challenges – or who are just looking down the road.


Design for Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions or disabilities – like Parkinson’s, MS, or the effects of a stroke – often call for assistive equipment and novel home solutions. No matter your stage of diagnosis, our person + place approach delivers a customized design for your specific needs to make a home improvement project that lasts. 


Transform Your Life at Home

Daily living can be easier and more comfortable with thoughtful home design. Spaces – such as bathrooms – can be practical and also provide a retreat for privacy, nurturing, and calm.

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Design for Chronic Conditions

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition, it can become the center of your focus. Our innovative design approach integrates key elements of well being – like pain management and assistive technology.


Aging in Place Design

Loss of independence can be scarey, but with universal design you can stay at home for years longer. Looking ahead, we plan home modifications to incorporate safety & accessibility without sacrificing elegance.


Give in Place for Social Good

You can make your home modifications for chronic conditions extend further than your own walls. We give back a percentage of your condition-specific design fee to a charitable organization of choice. 


Interdisciplinary Team

The best accessible design comes from an interdisciplinary approach. Your projects benefit by our shared team knowledge – from health care and engineering, to architecture and construction.


We use a Person + Place model, because design is not one-size-fits-all. By starting with a thorough assessment, we deliver  home modification recommendations that fit your individual everyday needs.

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Your design will be far more than just a floor plan. We solve challenges to make your daily living easier using assistive technology, home automation & accessible products that complement your layout.

Design a home that supports well-being for you and your loved ones.


  • Gliding through the doorways of an open floor plan
  • Moving through your home with a sense of safety and assurance
  • Greater independence in your self-care activities
  • Easier caregiving
  • Enjoying more quality time – and less time on logistical headaches
  • Residing in a home that’s comfortable, stylish, and functional
  • Benefiting from holistic design that supports your well-being
  • Working with knowledgeable professionals to design and remodel your home

Stay at home, your way.

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