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Live in Place Designs uniquely brings together Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) who offer over 20 years of experience designing, contracting, and building with 15 years of experience in care coordination solutions for individuals in the healthcare and long-term care industry.

Our passion is to create functional and empowering solutions for disabled, impaired, or older individuals and their families, so they can live, age, and thrive in place in a way that honors their full capacity and uniqueness. 


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certified aging in place specialist
Lori Bellport - Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Lori Bellport

The founder of Live in Place Designs LLC, Lori is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a Senior Home Safety Specialist, and a Certified Senior Advisor. She has held various Executive-level positions over 15 years in the long-term care industry.

Lori holds an MBA in Healthcare Administration and a Master of Public Administration with a focus in project management. She is also a Veteran of the United States Air Force and served under Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
Her passion is to help individuals address all realities of their lives when faced with life-changing or age-related events. Whether these realities are here and now or are possibilities in the future , everyone values the ability to live with autonomy.

Lori and her team believe that, regardless of the limiting health conditions one may face, there is no need to lose contact with life, spontaneity, or the ability to self-renew and enjoy life.

shepard morrow

Shepard Morrow

Co-founder and CMO Shepard Morrow brings extensive marketing and consultant experience to Live in Place Designs. He comes from a strong background in business operations and corporate restructuring.

As an early stage investor, he seeks to nurture and support entrepreneurs as they build scalable, sustainable businesses with a positive impact.

Morrow brings a unique, grounded approach to his executive role. He prefers to act as an early employee, not solely as advisor or mentor. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty doing the actual work. He chooses to support investment companies in a wide range of business issues, including finance, market planning, customer acquisition, strategic partnerships, contracts, marketing, and operations.

The “aging in place” trend encourages home remodeling to accommodate healthy living in our own spaces rather than a facility. Live in Place Designs offers visionary opportunities to re-design housing for the aging population.

Through creative design, technological innovation, and understanding both home and resident, Live in Place Designs improves healthcare outcomes for the aging. They lower costs to deliver improved services to a larger population sect.

The team at Live in Place Designs put their business, design, healthcare, and technology heads together to drive this goal: creating ease in the everyday life of each client.

David devitas

Dave DeVitis

Dave DeVitis is the Chief Design Engineer for Live in Place Designs, LLC. He is a Professional Engineer, has a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University and is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS). He brings twenty plus years of experience in the areas of home renovation and mechanical design, project management and safety related training. 

In his role as Design Engineer at Live in Place Designs he formulates thorough project plans incorporating state of the art equipment and construction methods. This process includes communicating design choices and the use of virtual 3D renderings to illustrate newly designed spaces eliminating stress and allowing for informed decisions. Dave’s attention to details during the planning phase and technical support during the construction phase ensures your job is completed in an expedient professional manner. 

Whether it’s unique accessibility needs which touch all our lives or a more functional home, the science of living space designs is continually evolving. Dave’s mission is in seeing an ease of everyday living, a smarter and safer way to stay at home for clients and the satisfaction of knowing the difference he is making for others.

Live In Place Designs - We Help People of All Ages

We ensure you can enjoy your home, your community, and your independence.

Our specialty is in working with clients to design homes for living with a disability, giving consideration to both short and long-term needs of the client. In order to do that most effectively it requires several conversations and back-and-forth with your certified aging in place specialist on different design ideas, so that a detailed plan can be used in getting comparable bids from a contractor.

Handicap bathrooms or bathrooms for people with disabilities require an understanding of the disability as well as the ADA compliant measurements that are needed to make a bathroom wheelchair accessible down the road. In the long run this actually saves you money.

Our bid-ready specs enable you to solicit competitive estimates.

aging in place bathroom