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Design before You Build

When you choose to modify your home to accommodate a chronic condition or the aging process you want to work with people that have a specialized type of experience.

We are experts in accessible design. We have the knowledge to understand the physical challenges you are living with and the progression of your condition, and then be able to translate that into home modifications for your specific needs.

With our CAPS certification and health care knowledge, we know how to help you design for your lifestyle, diagnosis, wellbeing – and comfort. Before you build. It makes all the difference.

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aging in place design


Our bodies change as we age. Why shouldn’t our homes?

Our universal design approach to aging in place employs home features that facilitate mobility, balance, and safety without being intrusive or clinical – so you are empowered to age gracefully within the home you love.

multigenerational design


Multigenerational living has experienced a revival in recent years.

Design for multigenerational households calls for a thoughtful approach – blending private and shared spaces for different functional abilities so people of all ages can experience the richness of sharing a home with family.

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Design for your specific health needs doesn’t have to  “look” ADA-compliant.

We design your space to go beyond accessible to beautiful, taking into account your personal medical equipment with accessible products and assistive technology to help you move easily and manage pain. 

pediatric design


Regardless of their medical condition, kids still deserve to be kids.

Our pediatric design empathizes with the child’s perspective to include features that help allay fears and offer a positive focus: Energizing colors, acoustics that let them be a little loud, and accessible play spaces.

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Accessible Home Design

Tell us your goals. Show us the space. We start all of our accessible designs by assessing you as an individual and how you interact with your home space. With you at the center, we deliver a contractor-ready floor plan tailored to your individual needs, goals, wellbeing – and style.

Your Live in Place Design includes layout, plus product and home automation recommendations. It also considers assistive equipment, like wheelchairs and lifts. With our knowledge of health care and chronic conditions, we will design with an eye for now and down the road.

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Home Design any Contractor can Build.

The power of having an accessible floor plan: Our design services make you contractor-ready, and we support the integrity of your design during construction on a range of accessible build topics.

Having a blueprint that includes instructions and products a contractor will need to complete your accessible remodel project makes you contractor-ready. You will be empowered to get comparable bids, and we support the implementation of your design the whole way through.

  • Customized lay-outs & architectural drawings
  • Specialized products & install support
  • Engineering guidance on best practices for accessible construction
  • You can submit one design solution to get comparable bids.
  • You won’t have to rely on contractors to research accessible features when it’s not their specialty.
  • You will bypass navigating a range of different design suggestions from contractors with uncertain qualifications.
  • You’ll avoid having to re-do your renovation, because a contractor wasn’t aware of your health care needs and appropriate long-term solutions.


Home Accessibility Products

With any accessible home design project, the selection of products is as important as the layout. We understand that accessible products and home automation is a wide field that can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. From smart appliances to voice-activated lighting and motion sensors that help prevent falls, improved safety and ease in daily routines is more possible than ever. High quality product design that improves ease of use in spaces such as master bathrooms can make a big difference in your environment.

Products vary depending on the space being designed (or re-designed!). A well-designed master bathroom, for example, may include a curbless shower, roll-under vanity, shower bench, touchless faucets, walk-in tub and non-slip flooring – while a successful kitchen design considers appliances such as a roll-under cooktop, a microwave drawer and a swing door wall oven.

As accessible product specialists you can lean on us to recommend the products and technologies you need to make life a little easier. Since we specify your final product selections as part of your design deliverable, your contractor will already have a complete list of the accessible products that are right for you and your space.

Smart home automation can make your everyday life more convenient, efficient, and safe. It can offer improved security and even energy cost savings. From motion sensor lighting to smart thermostats and video doorbells, to fall monitoring sensors and voice activated emergency alert systems, we incorporate home technology solutions into your design so you can live at home with greater ease and peace of mind.

Multi-ability products and assistive technologies are increasingly making a difference to quality of life for many people, especially those living with chronic conditions. These products range from automatic door openers, to ramps, handrails, and lift systems, to remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology that enables health monitoring in the home. Incorporating the assistive technologies that are right for you into your home design can help make living with a chronic-disease more manageable.



Home Accessibility Solutions

Our consulting services are perfect for those looking for guidance on accessible and universal home design, and the associated needs of people living with chronic conditions. We often find helping clients make good decisions involves proactively navigating change, and helping them recognize what they can do to remain at home safely, with independence. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or other design professional, we can give you the direction you need to reach your goals.

Typical topics we engage on to support living in place include:

  • Discharge planning from facility to home after a life-changing event
  • Advocating to help adult children plan for their aging parents’ home modifications
  • Decision making on whether to invest in a remodel or move
  • Guidance on planning for disabled children to remain in their home, or
  • Considerations for multigenerational living.

We consult with homeowners, contractors, architects, and other interior designers. We can work with you on new and existing floor plan reviews, aging in place home modifications or condition-specific design elements, and accessible product & technology recommendations. We’re happy to share our knowledge, give us a call.

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Design Consultation


National Services for Accessible Design

Our emphasis on design is to integrate person + place, considering health and mobility needs in the context of the home space. We begin all of our designs with a proprietary Design Consultation which utilizes a series of questions that look at your current dwelling, lifestyle, and daily routine to determine the home remodeling that will work for you, now and long-term. With a better understanding of you and your unique needs, we are able to customize design for you – no matter where your location.

Our proprietary assessment ensures your designs are the right solution for you and your loved ones. By starting with baseline knowledge of your health condition, we can design your new space for optimal symptom management and considering the future progression of your condition – even if that is simply aging. Through the assessment process, we are able to customize home design solutions. No detail is too small, no preference unimportant.

While many people may be of the mindset that design needs to take place in person, actually, even when we do local design work, only one on-site visit is made during the entire design process. Our proven remote process allows us to work with you no matter where you are located – and we are with you every step of the way – from collecting the information we need to start your design to checking on your design during construction.

You can work with our expert team from anywhere in the country. If you are not local, we send a trusted affiliate to your home to collect the site information we need at the start of your project. Details such as measurements, plumbing & electrical locations, and any other structural information. Then we create your new space using our versatile, interactive software.

We use design software that demonstrates the visual content our customers need, so it is like seeing the space in person. You will be able to experience your new space as it takes shape each step of the way through 3-D virtual tours. With videoconferencing, all you need to do is join the meetings! Our goal is to give you an experience that is seamless and stress-free.

The design requirements of your project, including layout, products, and any applicable technologies, will be professionally integrated into your final documents to ensure your project is fully well-defined. Our drawings will incorporate Universal Design approaches as well as current CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist), and ADA guidelines. Your final design will serve as a technical document and scope allowing for accurate and competitive bidding as you search for your home renovation contractor.


Certified Aging in Place Specialist

certified aging in place specialist

We are certified by the National Association of Home Builders as Aging in Place specialists, qualified to render design ideas and give guidance on choosing quality products for your accessibility. At Live in Place Designs we go one step further to customize a solution that includes recommendations from a unique, twofold perspective, incorporating both a healthcare viewpoint combined with engineering design.

The design process for a remodeling project is critical to the end result. By thinking through design considerations and selecting the right design team, you can ensure your remodel is done correctly, on time and on target with your budget. When it comes to residential design for accessibility in your renovation project, you have come to the right place.