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Specialist consultations, accessible interior design services, and contractor services for individuals who are living with a chronic condition or aging in place.

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Living in Place can be more than just safe and functional.

Our healthcare expertise makes us uniquely qualified to create custom design solutions to achieve your goals for a healthier, easier and more vital life at home.

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When accessibility matters for a quality of life at home

To successfully remain in your home when living with a chronic condition, or disability during the aging process typically necessitates modifications using principles of accessible design.

Our design solutions align care needs, appropriate use of personal medical equipment, smart technology, and interior space layout with your daily activities to adapt your home for safe and comfortable living now and in the future.

Our Services


Live in Place Assessment

This proprietary assessment utilizes a series of questions that integrate person + place, considering individual health and mobility needs in the context of the home space. 

The result is a list of recommendations with next steps for your aging in place needs that positions you to move forward with design for home modifications or that offers you other guidance for remaining in your home with a chronic condition or disability.



Once you’ve decided to remain living independently at home and we have assessed your situation, we recommend an approach to design that is right for you and your space that incorporates accessible or universal design – with the latest practices, materials, products and technology. 

We guide you through the process of implementing the design, including referring you to one of our preferred contractors. And we support the integrity of your design until the project is complete.

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Live in Place Plan

This written report and proprietary planning tool is often selected by the adult children of elderly parents or other caregivers to identify and better understand the changes that may need to be made to enable their loved ones to continue living independently at home.

The outcome is a comprehensive, multifaceted plan that addresses living in place from a 360 perspective and that can serve as a roadmap to a healthier and more fulfilling experience of aging in place for any individual.

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Hourly Consulting

We are available on an hourly consulting basis for any of your living in place needs, such as support for discharge planning, advocating to help adult children provide care for aging parents, decision making on whether to invest in a remodel or move, guidance on planning for disabled children living at home, or considerations for multigenerational living.

How Our Design-Bid-Build Process Works

Our team uses Universal Design principles to cater to aging or disabled individuals who wish to remain living their best life at home.


Evaluate Home Accessibility

We assess your situation – combining personal health and mobility considerations with safe and accessible use of the home space – to offer a customized proposal for design that works for you.


Contract for Design

Our unique process for design considers your personal health factors and their influence on the space you live in to offer you an integrated remodel solution that includes accessible products.


Get Comparable Bids

Use your customized design as a technical document and scope of work allowing for accurate and competitive bidding as you decide on your remodeling contractor. And as part of our design service, we partner you with one of our local home remodeling contractors from our network.


Build your Design

Work with a licensed contractor and benefit from the support of our in-house professional engineers as we guide you through the process to ensure your design is implemented according to its specifications.

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Solutions for Home Safety & Accessibility

Disability Modifications

Make home modifications for elderly and disabled.

A livable environment keeps your entire family safe and comfortable.

Handicap Bathrooms

Bathroom modifications for the disabled can include everything from touchless faucets to walk-in showers,  to ADA compliant vanities and plumbing fixtures.

Kitchen Accessibility

Kitchen modifications for accessibility make your home and family safer and cooking more enjoyable.

Safety & Accessibility Assessment

Live in Place Designs utilizes universal design principles so your home will be safe and accessible for everyone — from your grandchild to your aging parent.

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National Services : Aging in Place Consultation

The needs of homeowners and their preferences are unique. We work with you and your specific situation, planning out the details for an aging in place design ahead of time, to ensure a successful remodel that is truly customized for you.

Our design team has years of experience in managing design projects for people with different types of chronic conditions and knows how to make your living space safer and more functional regardless of age or ability. When incorporating the latest universal home design concepts and accessible products into a design remodel your home doesn’t have to look like a handicap space to be more enjoyable for all. In fact, accessible design can be stylish and modern.

Accessible remodeling involves more than just construction. Planning out the details ahead of time makes all the difference to achieving a successful remodel that truly meets your unique needs and preferences.

Design - Bid - Build

Ready for Accessible Home Design?

We provide a service that includes recommendations from a unique, twofold perspective, incorporating both a healthcare viewpoint combined with aging in place design.

Our healthcare professionals have in-depth knowledge of accessibility issues as well as the experience to offer solutions that meet your specific needs now and anticipate how they may change over time.

The design requirements of your project will be professionally integrated into a home improvement plan and rendered as detailed contractor ready specifications to ensure your project scope is fully well-defined.

Our plans will incorporate Universal Design approaches as well as adhere to current CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist), ANSI, and ADA guidelines.

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Accessible Products: for a bathroom remodeling project.


Handicap Showers, Touchless Faucets, Shower Bench, Walk-In Tubs


Wheelchair Accessibility, Floating Bathroom Vanity, Wall Mounted Sink

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Grab Bars, Railings, Handicap Shower Bars, Ramps

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Non-Slip Flooring, Durable Floors



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Doorway Widening, Threshold Ramp

Nationwide services to help you live independently

Whether you are aging or living with a disability, you can have the opportunity to remain in the comfort of home.


Interior Design for Accessibility

It’s important to perform a home assessment to understand how seniors or individuals with disabilities use their environment within the home. The types of home modifications for the elderly and disabled can differ widely depending on their specific disabilities, chronic condition, or other personal situation.

Seniors may weigh home remodel options against moving to independent or assisted living facilities, while disabled individuals of all ages may want to remodel an existing home or purchase an older home and make modifications. In any case, renovation costs may prove less expensive for an individual who intends to remain in the home for years to come.

Location matters. If a house is located someplace within an area of the country where people want to retire, or even within an existing 55 plus retirement community, it might see an increase in resale value after a disability remodel project.

Although there are contractors that are familiar with and have had exposure to accessible and universal design – this is our specialty. Our expert designs are supported by construction methods and techniques as a result of the education and technical support we provide to general contractors to help them achieve their project goals.

You don’t have to wait to enhance your daily routine and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve in your home. Our national team of aging-in-place specialists understands the type of work it takes to create a more accessible living space. We follow local government regulations and advice from medical professionals to suggest improvements that help you live your life to the fullest. From accessible showers to stairlifts, we consider every potential in-home benefit that you can take advantage of.

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Certified Aging in Place Specialists and Accessibility Experts focused on remodel design

When an individual is discharged from an acute care facility or hospital, their living space often needs modifications backed by thoughtful design to create the functionality needed for the individual to remain in their living space. Whether you or your loved one needs a new floor, an accessible kitchen or a full bathroom renovation, our specialty designers and team of preferred CAPS contractors can help you with your  remodel project.

What is the first room where home improvements should be considered? The master bathroom. Since most accidents happen in the bathroom, getting in and out of the tub or shower we recommend an accessible bathroom design including a roll-in shower for individuals with mobility issues. In addition, comfort-height toilets and accessible vanities help make use easier if you are using a wheelchair. Grab bars are also important in several areas in the bathroom remodel to provide safety.

Whether you need to learn more about lift systems or other durable medical equipment (DME) options for the home such as electric scooters or shower chairs, our team has solutions and support services.

All home modifications for elderly and disabled residents  need to be accompanied by additional lifestyle changes in order to give the user the most success and benefit. Changes that facilitate personal care, encourage independence, and empower the primary caregiver and the resident create universal living spaces for people of all ages and abilities. And the best way to do so is by working with the right architect or designer.

Live in Place Designs can help.

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