Our Process / Your Customized Plan from CARE TO HOME REMODELING

Changing Needs

Compared to the prices charged for facility care, home remodeling or initiating a design-bid-build for living in place is by far the most cost-effective and desired solution.

The cost of facility care can be difficult for many to afford, even those with a strong financial plan. Often facility care may not even be needed or appropriate.

Facility care is also definitely not an eventuality. However, if needed, Live In Place Designs can help you transition seamlessly to assisted living, nursing care, or memory care.

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  • Our team will find the correct design solution for your bathroom and help you get the lowest bids from contractors

Don't hesitate to get in touch

Contact our Living in Place specialists and set up a consultation.

Step 1 / Initial Assessment

We begin with an in-home assessment that includes meeting with the individuals in need, decision-makers, and/or closest caregivers.

1. Our Safety & Accessibility assessment includes an inspection of your current residence, and a list of recommended home improvements. Fees are based on travel time and range from $450-$575. 

2. Our customized Live in Place Design Plan©, goes further into planning for future needs. By brainstorming to identify and consider everything from current home safety, and other immediate concerns, to issues relating to a longer-term, proactive plan. This is accomplished through several meetings, and a review of the final plan. Fees are based on time and range from $1,750-$2,500. The plan includes a review of:

  • your budget,
  • desired timeframe,
  • your home remodeling or new build concept, and
  • lifestyle and personal preferences.
in-home assessment for home remodeling

Step 2 / Design ASSESSMENT

If you wish to proceed with a design, we perform a design assessment prior to proceeding. Our design and project planning fees begin at $350 and are applied to your total project cost once design services are retained. 

Step 3 / Project Design

We will design your remodeling project along with with product and material selections and refer qualified contractors to carry out your Home Remodel that will include:

  • Construction drawings,
  • your Life Choices Profile,
  • a project agreement, and
  • an outline of a timeframe for your Live in Place Design Project©.

Step 4 / Preparations

We will continue to work with you on last minute design modifications to finalize your product selections, identify special order materials, and make changes to your Life Choice Options© .

Step 5 / Construction Begins

We will provide ongoing support during your project to advocate that your home modifications are adhering to your design.

Step 6 / Follow-up

We form long-term relationships with our clients and understand your needs will change over time.  

At any time after your project, we offer follow-up on a consulting basis to address any changes or additional needs you may have with your home and Life Choice Options©.

Follow-up / and Consulting

Needs are sure to change over time. As individual and family needs evolve, we are available to provide follow-up support, update your design plan, and see you through the process and any new challenges that may be faced.

This may include providing up-to-date information on all resources and relevant community and vendor services, an annual wellness assessment, and/or annual home safety assessments.

Consulting services are available ongoing on an as-needed basis or can be scheduled at regular intervals depending on your preferences. Fees are on an hourly basis or a flat rate depending on the project.