Enhance Your Quality of Life / with Universal Design

Universal design means retrofitting or building to make your home more usable by everyone, regardless of age or level of ability.

Using universal design and user-centered design products makes the home inclusive for everyone in the short term and for years to come.

Make your home more livable for today.

Universal design for age in place construction in New Jersey

Ease of Living

  • Open floor plans
  • Wide doorways
  • Lower kitchen cabinets with drawers
  • Smart lighting
  • Zero-entry, curbless shower

These are just some of the upgrades that can immediately enhance your quality of life.

And they can be just as beneficial to the vitality of daily life now as they are for safety and accessibility as you get older – even if you’re not old enough for an “Aging-in-Place renovation” yet.

These upgrades can also increase the resale value of your home since they have broad appeal to buyers of all ages.

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Gain Peace of Mind / Save Time, Money, & Stress

Only 20% of people reach out to contractors before they have immediate needs to modify their home.

Most people reach out reactively when someone has a health condition increasingly limiting their independence, after a recent major medical event or hospitalization, or because a recent fall concerns them.

It’s far more difficult, costly, and inconvenient to prepare after you need it.

Living in Place, at its best, is a lifestyle designed to prepare you and your loved ones for transitions as needs change over time.

For older adults to live independently

For older adults to live independently, home modifications are necessary to ensure their safety. This can include modifications to their bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and other living spaces.


Universal design for bathrooms

Universal design features for bathrooms can include altering size and space for wheelchair access, wider doors, and lever handles.

Universal design for your bathroom

Other Home Modifications

Other home modifications for the elderly could include non-slip floor surfaces, accessible light switches, stairless entrance for the front door, and lever-handle door knobs, just to name a few.

Aging in place home modifications - Living room pull-out drawers

Proactive / Living in Place Design

Senior Universal Design for Kitchens

Proactive Living in Place design can prevent an unplanned move. Stay in the home you love by addressing care needs and quality of life over the long-term.

By being proactive and planning ahead, you’ll know you and your loved one can stay at home – safe, comfortable, and independent.


At Live in Place Designs, we work in partnership with you to assess your current home. We listen to your personal needs and goals for the future.

The outcome is a holistic solution using design strategies to help you prepare for short-term needs and long-term changes.

Our services range from minor updates to more involved lifestyle changes. We help you determine the viability of staying in your current home. And we connect you with the services you need now, to not only live in place but to thrive in place.

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  • Referrals to providers and solutions to reduce stress and create the best life for you