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Live in Place Designs redefines aging in place to include not only living safely and comfortably, but also continuing to live life with purpose, meaning, and growth.

Technology can be used to improve self-management of early onset of some chronic conditions.

Examples of important technologies:

When medications are critical to managing a condition, technologies exist that can remind when it’s time to take a pill. Some dispensers release the accurate dosage of medications at the correct time and then lock to prevent double dosing. Some even send non-adherence alerts to family members or caregivers.

When a significant loss of function sets in, activity monitors — including some with sensors placed in the home — are available to help older adults continue to live safely at home.

aging in place safely with technology solutions

How We Help You / Aging in Place SOLUTIONS

Here are details about aging in place safely with technology we can help you install and use:

Wireless Home Monitoring

Wireless technology has created wonderful opportunities for seniors with mobility issues to safely age in place with home monitoring systems.

Previous solutions required wearable devices. Nowadays, battery-powered wireless devices can monitor the environment of your senior loved one’s home. The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) gives your loved one the freedom to move around with the technology to detect their daily routine. Within a few days, the network can infer when they get up, walk around, use the bathroom, or interact with electrical appliances in the home.

Wireless home monitoring systems can also detect larger incidents, including falls. Personal Emergency Response Systems alerts authorized persons when a senior is out of their daily routine. These deviations can reveal a fall or another incident that will require your attention.

Wearable Devices with Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Most people are familiar with wearable devices that track our steps and monitor our heart rates. But senior wearables take these devices one step further. Advanced healthcare technology has the ability to:

  • Pick up on daily routines
  • Prevent falls and accidents 
  • Call for emergency responders 
  • Send alerts and activity to family and caregivers

Every senior can find a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) that fits their personal style. Wearable devices are available as a watch, pendant, shoe sole…you name it!


Medication Management Systems

It’s not easy for aging seniors to remember every pill or dose in their cabinet. Habitually skipping medications could have serious side effects. In fact, every year 125,000 deaths are attributed to not taking prescription drugs correctly.

Prevention is the best way to minimize these risks and keep your senior on the right track. The team at Live in Place can create a customized plan that will help your senior maintain a daily routine while aging in place safely.

Talk to one of our Aging-in-Place Specialists about how to create a Live in Place Plan™.

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