As people age, they often want to continue living independently for as long as possible. With a Live in Place Plan this is possible for many.

The difficulty is that with getting older many find themselves coping with chronic conditions, or have an ADA (American Disabilities Act) disability. 

This is where Live in Place Designs can help to redefine home living by designing a Live in Place Plan™ . Your plan serves as a guide to make it possible for older adults and those with disabilities to continue living independently and safely in their own home.

That means creating accessible spaces which allow each and every one of our customers to stay in their current home. We not only want older adults to live safely and comfortably, but also experience purpose, meaning, and growth.

How Do We Make it Possible to Live in Place?

By listening to where an individual is in the aging process, and understanding their physical needs, we simplify the decision process with unbiased guidance and customized solutions. 

plan to live in place with a disability

Live in Place Designs is redefining home living to include living safely and comfortably while continuing to live life with purpose, meaning, and growth. We take the complexity out of managing the options and upgrades by providing unbiased guidance and highly-individualized solutions to help you make informed decisions about:

  • Finding resources for in-home care
  • Aging in place home remodeling
  • Local services in the community

Live in Place designs provide families and individuals with a comprehensive plan for remaining in their home. Our design solutions save a family precious time and unnecessary emotional stress while providing the assurance that a trusted and experienced adviser is on their side.

AARP ‘s stated mission is “to empower people to choose how they live as they age.” Similar to the AARP mission, we believe living in place is about empowering you to remain actively engaged and autonomous as an older adult while being free to make your own choices with independence to improve quality of life. Redefining home living and accessing the resources to continue exploring and contributing is what Living in Place wants to offer you.

Our design process enables a thorough needs assessment so your remodeling provides security, comfort and wheelchair accessibility where required.

You Have Come to the Right Place.

Health Starts in Our Homes / LIVE IN PLACE PLAN

Live in Place by Design – Live in Place Plan

We serve as a personal guide on your journey to active, autonomous living by redefining home spaces to accommodate a clients changing physical and design requirements.

The Live in Place Plan™ promotes good health for those that want to remain in their homes despite living with changes resulting from aging, disease, or disability. It combines home modification solutions with access to community-based services and resources to make independent living possible.
Recommended services may include:

  • Emergency medical alert and health monitoring systems
  • Medication management solutions
  • Caregiver and companion care placement
  • Adult day programs
  • Therapies (PT, OT, Speech)
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Transportation
  • Mental health support
safety and accessibility assessment

Home Modifications for Safety & Accessibility

We design home modifications or new construction, taking into consideration an individual’s unique circumstances and functional abilities. Using our proprietary accessibility assessment, we make recommendations for the appropriate home modifications that enable safety, ease of use, and comfortable living for you. 

Aging in Place Design: Bathroom Home Improvement and home renovation for Seniors

What Does Aging in Place Design Look Like?

At Live in Place, we know that living at home matters. That’s why we are redefining home living for older adults. Our design concept focuses on creating a remodeled house that incorporates safety features and fixtures that will help boomers and those with disabilities feel comfortable in their own home. An aging in place design checklist includes a variety of elements, from ramps or a no-step entry through the front door (for wheelchair access) or increased convenience to handrails and grab bars throughout the house, particularly in tubs and hallways. Interior design solutions may also include modifications like fixing place issues of light switches in the kitchen and master bedroom, new faucets that are easier to turn, and wider doors, especially if there is a home elevator.

We understand that each one of our customers will have different needs, which is we don’t believe in a universal design or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our plans can be customized to fit specific senior care or disability needs. Whether it’s something as simple as adding new door knobs and lowering cabinets and drawers for a new construction or a complete renovation project or place remodel for a modest home, our design team will work to ensure homeowners will be comfortable in their home today, and for the foreseeable future.

There are a number of universal design products and features that people can put into their homes for easy access, including:

Kitchen modifications could include:

  • Larger cabinet pulls
  • Pull-out shelves
  • Lower counters for wheelchair access
  • Moved sink faucets for easier access
  • Front controls for stove or oven
  • Multi-level kitchen counter tops with open space under, so the cook can work while seated
  • Front controls for stove or oven
  • Refrigerators with two doors for easy access to frozen food storage

Master bath modifications could include:

  • Grab bars in bathtubs
  • Upgrade a tub to a curbless shower for wheelchair access
  • Temperature-balanced valves
  • Installation of pocket doors
  • Taller toilets

Whole home modifications could include:

  • Raised washer and dryer
  • Wider doorways, especially for bedrooms or tub entry
  • Lever door knobs
  • Planning for elevator installation
  • Adding walls for a stair lift

Planning for Your Quality of Your Later Years at Home

Your comfort at home matters. By identifying the wellness factors that affect your health, we can support you in coordinating the personal care and community resources you need to live a better quality of life at home. Together, we outline and create a customized plan to ensure you have a more complete solution for your immediate and long-term needs. Make this year the last year you live uncomfortably. Transform your space into your dream home today!

Planning for Care at Home

The Importance of Lighting and Technology

One of the biggest issues seen in the homes of seniors is lack of proper lighting. Dark hallways, poor outside lighting, and an overall lack of natural light can create trip hazards throughout the home. Additionally dim lighting in closets, around the tub area, and by the stairway can also be dangerous. With that being said, focusing on improving lighting is always a good idea. Lighting design solutions can include installing indirect lighting to reduce glares and shadows, adding motion-activated lights outside, and ensuring all light switches have easy access to find and reach, even in a wheelchair.

Along with lighting, another primary area to focus on is technology. Today’s smart technology makes tasks like turning on lights and adjusting the thermostat easier than ever. While there can often be a learning curve for seniors, new technology can help people of all ages live comfortably in their home to the greatest extent. With a few clicks on their phone or by saying a few words, homeowners can control aspects of their house without having to move around.

Hand-to-Hand Approach / Customized Plan

Our approach ensures a completely individualized plan with a trusted and reliable personal connection. By acting as your advocate and working with you to determine what programs and health care services best meet your needs, you don’t have to handle all the details yourself.

We will be with you every step of the way to tailor a Live in Place Plan™ just for you.

Confidence that we support you through the process.

Why Choose Live in Place Designs?

With more than 20 years of designing and building experience combined with 15 years of care coordination solution experience, the Live in Place Designs team offers a unique approach to designing a durable and comfortable home. (Learn more about an aging population “Preparing for an Aging Population AARP Livable Communities”) .

Certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), our main goal is to create home solutions that allow disabled and older individuals to live in their home in a way that works for them. In other words, the Live in Place Design team knows how to create accessible spaces that allow individuals of all abilities to live comfortably in their home as long as possible (Universal Design principles)..

We are confident that our home solutions will add both functionality and safety to our clients’ homes. We are here for our clients every step of the way, even after the work is finished, to make sure our solutions are what our customers really need.

Staying at home matters for a lot of seniors and disabled individuals. Being able to go downstairs into the kitchen or step outside for a quick neighborly interaction should be easy and convenient. That’s why our team focuses on the design of products that will allow our clients to not only stay in their homes, but to enjoy them, too. Whether you live in crowded cities like New York or in more rural areas by Raleigh, we want everyone to be able to live in their home and feel good about it. Whether it’s a completely remodeled house based on customers’ intuitive use and needs or a brand new idea or product created for a unique situation, our aging in place specialists and architects work with older adults and disabled individuals to create a space that is right for them.

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