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Age in Place Construction in New Jersey - You Are Not Alone - Home Renovation

Feeling overwhelmed by a sudden, life-changing event?

  • Fall

  • Stroke

  • Disability

  • Disease diagnosis

  • Cognitive issues

  • Physical decline

You can return home safely and stay at home with proper home renovation.

Your home may no longer work for you. But with experienced assistance, you can make immediate changes to stay where you are most comfortable – your home.

You’re Not Alone

  • Each year, 1 out of 4 seniors will have a fall. Up to 30% of those who fall will acquire moderate to severe injuries or worse.
  • And once someone has experienced a fall, they are 2 to 3 times more likely to fall again.
  • Aside from illness, falls are the leading cause of death in older adults.

Are you in the midst of a crisis now?

  • Forced to make quick decisions for yourself or a loved one?
  • You may not be prepared.
  • Lack the necessary information.
  • Be totally unaware of all your options.

Source: National Council of Aging

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Get Professional Guidance / on How to Stay at Home

Some more common situations where families seek out help to live in place include:

A rehabilitation facility has reached out

You are notified discharge to home isn’t possible unless safety and care needs at home are addressed first.

Your loved one had a fall

After hospitalization, the family realizes they cannot return home safely without home modifications and care support.

Cognitive decline has increased

Now it is at the point where your loved one can no longer safely live in their existing home.

You find yourself facing an unexpected diagnosis

A permanent disability, degenerative disease, or serious illness requires immediate changes to your life at home for the long-term.

Caregivers and other family members want you to move out

They say you can’t stay in your current home or want you to move in with them.

home renovation for seniors with live in place designs

Immediate Age-in-Place Support /and Home Renovation Solutions

In these types of situations, we offer:

  • A short-term solution to help you get to a long-term, comprehensive solution. ,
  • A quick turnaround on a home remodel project.
  • We’ll mobilize on a home renovation project as quickly as possible.
  • We’re skilled at finding the best local resources for all your living in place support needs.

Home Renovations for Seniors / Return Home Safely


To live independently

For older adults to live independently, home modifications are necessary to ensure their safety. This can include modifications to their bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and other living spaces.

Bathrooms - Home Re/novations for the Elderly


Renovations to bathrooms are particularly important. These can include grab bars, lever handles for sinks, and more. The end result is a safer, easier to use bathroom that also looks updated.

Aging in place home modifications - Living room pull-out drawers

Other home modifications

Other home modifications for the elderly could include non-slip floor surfaces, accessible light switches, stairless entrance for the front door, and lever-handle door knobs, just to name a few.