Aging in Place Construction / Home reMODELING & MODIFICATIONs

Aging in Place Home Remodeling with Universal Design.

  • Remodel your home, bathroom, or kitchen
  • Build an addition or in-law suite
  • Build a new Universal Design home
  • Integrate smart-home technologies
  • Create Alzheimer’s or dementia-supportive living spaces
  • Pre-purchase consulting

We offer full service construction with a design/build approach. From smaller renovations to new construction, we provide a solution for people of all ages and abilities.

Our work integrates safety and functionality with comfort and beauty. It draws on our years of direct experience observing people’s needs and how they change over time.

A Kitchen Remodeling for Accessibility.

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Remodeling Contractors / UNIVERSAL DESIGN

Live in place – with proper planning and aging in place home remodeling.

When you hire a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) builder, you are buying a professional service in addition to the actual construction.

Remodel or New Construction.

Aging in Place Construction that incorporates universal design principles during original construction or later remodeling can make our living spaces:

  • Functional for everyone, regardless of age or ability
  • Adaptable for future use and convenience
  • More comfortable, thus improving quality of life.

Not every remodeling contractor understands the concept of aging in place construction or knows how to prepare a home for this transition. You will need to seek out a contractor who has experience with building and construction for accessibility and safety. 

Bathroom Remodel

A full bathroom remodeling project starts with a design for the space and fixtures, taking into consideration aesthetics, accessibility and comfort.

To maximize access a wall-mounted sink can replace a traditional bathroom sink and vanity, or a shower can apply the concept of universal design with a walk-in entry. Your walk-in shower should work with your bathroom’s overall design and can further create a focal point using dramatic tile or glass accents.

Modifications Contractors / aging in place construction

To live in place most often requires home modifications when:

A traumatic event has created an immediate life change
Mobility is becoming limited due to the aging process
A chronic condition is worsening

Accessibility and Safety Assessment.

Before returning home from a hospital stay after a fall, or for people with chronic disabilities, some immediate home modifications can make a home more safe and accessible. We begin with an in-home assessment that includes a recommendation for short term modifications, and an estimate of costs.

When you hire a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) builder, you are buying a professional service in addition to the actual construction. Our expertise is in knowing what modifications need to get done and how best to do it, not just in doing the work.

Home Modifications.

Live in Place Designs is uniquely qualified to advise you about home modifications that will improve the safety and accessibility you require when dealing with a chronic condition, or after a change in your mobility. An in-home assessment identifies what to modify in your home based on your current needs and use of your space, as well as gives consideration to how your needs might change in the near future based on any current medical or aging related issues. Examples of the most common home modifications people require are:

  • Converting a Bathtub to a Walk in Shower
  • Installing Hand Rails & Safety Bars
  • Door and Hallway Widening
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Kitchen Remodel for Accessibility

Universal Design / Design/Plan for Aging in place

Home Modifications that incorporate universal design principles for “aging in place” enable homeowners to remain in their homes longer, maintaining independence and safety as their physical capabilities change. Our construction and design process enables a thorough needs assessment so that the final remodeling provides safety, comfort and accessibility. 

While Americans are living longer, health and mobility issues are inevitable. Most live in homes that were built in the 70’s and 80’s for a population in their 30’s and 40’s. As this group continues to age and is faced with the reality of requiring modernized housing, whether due to their own physical limitations or to elderly parents moving in with them, the market for new homes and renovations that accommodate those needs will continue to change.

Homes that incorporate principles of universal design are not only perfectly suited for the needs of an aging population, or people with disabilities, but are also appropriate for older in-laws living with families or even young children. An aging in place remodeling, for you or a family member, can improve everyone’s quality of life seamlessly with Universal Design.

Universal design: is human-centered design that seeks to create environments and products that offer safety and comfort for all people with no need for adaptation or functional changes.

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